Gravity Kids: Play Area for Kids in the Metro

No matter how busy we are with work, my husband and I always find time to bond with Keisha and do the activities she likes. Most of which are to watch shows on Netflix or in a movie house, draw or paint, play board games and visit play areas around the metro. And, speaking of play place, we recently visited Gravity Kids in Robinsons Metro East.

Gravity Kids is a play area for kids where they can do a lot of activities like flying on trampolines, wall climbing and foam pit flipping. They also offer fitness classes, jumping lessons, ball pit playtime and basketball on trampolines. There’s also an area where the usual slides and ladders are.

Upon entrance, parents and guardians will have to log in their details as well as their kids. A wristband will be attached to the kids arm. Aside from that, they also have to wear the designated grip socks for the play area. Ordinary socks are not allowed though. You can purchase the flying grip socks for P100.00.

Mommy K Tip: Make sure to keep the grip socks and bring it every time you will visit the place so you don’t have to purchase again.

Here are photos of the play area:

Play area for younger kids:

For bigger kids and adults:

Ball Pit Area and Slides:

Gravity Kids Rates:

30 Minutes Flying Adventure – P120.00

60 Minutes Flying Adventure – P180.00

2 Hours Flying Adventure – P220.00

3 Hours Flying Adventure – P250.00

Aside from the usual play that kids can do, they can also celebrate their birthday party at Gravity Kids.

Here’s Gravity Kids party package:

• exclusive use of Gravity Kids Playground including the viewing bar, chairs and more.

• Exclusive use of LCD TVs for playing your Family and Birthday Celebrant videos

• Exclusive use of sound system and lasers for your own personal party and music style

• Exclusive decoration style selected by you

• Custom e -invitations for your party guests

• And much more…

Mommy K Tip: Sometimes, they are giving out flyers which will entitle you to 15% discount on their Birthday Party Package. Make sure to ask their staff about it.

What I Like:

• The facilities are clean.

• The staff are very accommodating.

• They are alert when looking after the kids.

• There’s a readily available alcohol and they patiently spray to the kid’s hands upon entrance and exit.

• Parents can go inside the play area for no additional fee. No need to purchase flying grip socks as well.

What I Don’t Like:

• There are only two staff when we were there. Definitely, it will be harder for them to assist and monitor everyone.

Overall, Keisha had so much fun. And, us, parents, we also did enjoy since we also got the chance to play around.

Location: Level 4, Robinsons Metro East, Marcos Highway, Brgy. Dela Paz, Pasig City
Tel. No.: 02-637-0788
Mobile No.: 0915-8447800 / 0921-3310500|
IG: GravityKidsPH
FB: GravityKidsPH
Gmail: [email protected]


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