5 Desirable Features for Student Storage Services

Finding a storage service that is local to your school and offers specific features that make student life easier is a rare mix. Rarely do students need to store tons of items, but the storage space needed is important. Below are a few of the great storage features that are most desired by busy college students.


Student budgets can be tight and to have affordable options for item storage can be a priceless asset. Heading home for a semester break can be a real hassle if you need to pack everything up, only to bring it right back at the start of a new semester. Using student storage services that only charge for the actual space used is a great way to save money.

Online Access

Attending college a distance from home can present a problem when making the decision to place things in storage. Traditional storage facilities do not typically allow you to take pictures of what you have and keep a log online. Being able to take a quick look and see right where an item is located can help ease your mind when trying to locate something important.

Safe and Secure Localized Storage

You want to feel confident that the storage service you choose offers a safe and secure way to keep items close to your school while away. Knowing everything is in a supervised and monitored location will give you peace of mind.

Send Storage Items Ahead

Preparing to head to school can be a hectic time. The better you can prepare, the easier the experience will seem. A student storage service that accepts your items ahead of time will make your final preparations less stressful. You can send them ahead through shipping at an affordable price. This is a great service to take advantage of if you are depending on a bus, or plane to get you there.

Forward Stored Items to Your Location

Few storage services provide the ability to have any or all of your items forwarded to your exact location. This is the perfect solution for students that end up taking extra time off or are gone for an internship program. You can have any item forwarded that you may have forgotten is needed at the time.

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