Jollibee Presents the Jolly Kiddie Racers

Everytime we dine in Jollibee, we always check the toys that come with their Jolly Kiddie Meal. Keisha always chooses the Jolly Kiddie Meal because of the toys that go with it. She perfectly loves buying and collecting the toys that she likes. Well, I can’t complain because I totally understand why. I was like her way back. I still remember the time when I had to get perfect scores in my tests in school so I can buy Jollibee toys. Yes, I had to study hard so I can eat in Jollibee and buy a toy.

This May, Jollibee presents the Jolly Kiddie Racers. The Jolly Racers feature Jollibee, Hetty, Popo, Twirlie, and Yum behind the wheel of their colorful race cars.

Kids can speed around with Jollibee and Friends riding their Jolly Racers which come with every Jollibee Kiddie Meal.

What to do with the Jolly Racers:

  • design their Jolly Racers with stickers
  • launch them into imaginary race tracks
  • collect the entire fleet of race cars
  • connect them together
  • launch all of them at once by pressing just one button

You can get these Jolly Racers with every purchase of a Jolly Kiddie Meal: Yum Burger Meal at P94, Jolly Spaghetti Meal at P99 or 1-piece Chickenjoy Meal at P125, each with its own Jolly Joy Box.

Hurry, complete the entire Jolly Racers toy set, available until May 31. Head over to your nearest Jollibee branch and be sure to collect and connect all five race cars for exciting adventures.


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