How Do You Strain Yogurt?

There are a lot of people who would like to create the various products that they use at the kitchen on their own. There are some who would like to use Greek yogurt but they have not found the yogurt they need from the grocery store. The best option is obvious – you can make one on your own.

You need to know the proper procedure in order to strain yogurt. You can start by using the right yogurt strainer bag. There are different ones available but the right strainer bag will make sure that the yogurt will be fully drained. A cup of regular yogurt will be enough to make half a cup of Greek yogurt so take this into consideration depending on the amount that you will make.

Take note that there may be times when you would like to create a different type of yogurt such as yogurt cheese. The process of getting the yogurt will be a bit different. You have to specifically get a type of yogurt that does not contain the following:

  • No gelatin
  • No starch
  • No pectin

If you are not careful with choosing the right yogurt brand, you can expect that the yogurt will not drain well. It will take half a day to one whole full day before the yogurt can be fully strained and will have the consistency similar to cream cheese. There are some cheese makers that you can find in the market that will help you in molding the perfect yogurt cheese.

Some people enjoy the experience of creating their own yogurt so much that they have decided to always make their own yogurt whenever they can. Take a look at the cheese rennet. You may need this often especially if you are going to strain different types and brands of yogurt to make into cheese or Greek yogurt.

Straining your own yogurt may seem complicated in the beginning but as long as you would make the effort to research about how you will do it, things will not be too complicated. Practice makes perfect too. Do not be discouraged if you are unable to make the perfect yogurt the first time that you try.

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