Get Your Dose of Anlene to Fight Premature Ageing

Some people look younger than their age while some feel a lot older than they look. If you fall within the second category then you are likely feeling the effects of premature aging. This means that your body age is older than your real age. But don’t worry just yet because there are plenty of ways to fight premature aging. One of which is taking your regular dose of Anlene.

Premature ageing is said to be an underlying cause of exhaustion which affects energy levels, productivity, and ability to do things that you enjoy. Thus affecting your lifestyle and quality of life. The main culprit in making your body age faster than your real age is unhealthy lifestyle and poor choices of food. According to Ms. Fely Valendria, a registered nutritionist dietician and former Senior Science Research Specialist at the FNRI-DOST, “Half of Filipinos aged 19-60 are not getting enough protein and more than 90% do not get enough calcium.” Not getting enough calcium in your diet can lead to bone, muscle, and joint deterioration and weakness. This will then affect your performance of tasks and daily activities.

The best way to combat premature aging is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This means getting the right amount of nutrition in your body and taking care of your physical fitness. Since calcium is an essential element in keeping your bones and muscles healthy, it is important to ensure that you are able to fill your body’s daily calcium needs. This is where Anlene can help you in the fight against premature aging. Each glass of Anlene contains twice the calcium of regular milk and 100% of an adult’s daily calcium needs. It also has high protein and collagen content which helps strengthen joints and muscles. Not just that, Anlene has also been promoting healthy aging among adults for 30 years now. This is done through information campaigns about taking care of your bone health and preventing premature aging.

Anlene Plain
Anlene Chocolate
Anlene white Coffee

There is more good news from Anlene especially for coffee lovers because we have a new White Coffee flavour. Now you can enjoy your daily dose of calcium in three flavors. There’s the original flavour for milk lovers, chocolate for chocoholics, and white coffee for those who can’t do without their cup of joe. That gives you your much needed calcium, protein, and collagen in flavors that you love.


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