Getting Your Bedroom Ready for Summer

The dark days are finally over! With daylight saving time, you have more time to enjoy the warmth that spring and summer have to offer. When it comes to sleeping, however, you don’t want to be stuck in winter mode. Begin your spring cleaning by turning your bedroom into a light and airy space for the warmer, sunnier, months ahead. From breezier bedding to bringing fresh air into your bedroom, we’re here to help you thaw your winter bedroom into a summery oasis.


Freeing up space in your bedroom will bring a breath of fresh air to your sleeping sanctuary. You can declutter your bedroom in a variety of ways. Begin by sorting through winter jackets, sweaters, and scarves, and store these items in the back of your closet or other storage spaces to free up space. You can even purchase a storage bench to put at the end of your bed to store clunky boots while having a place to sit and put your socks on in the morning. It’s also important to go through all of the other items in your bedroom, from papers to winter gloves or books, and sorting through necessities and things you can let go. Creating a simple living space and living a minimalist lifestyle will provide organization to your life, leaving you feeling relaxed and stress free.

Cooling Down Your Bed

Nothing feels better than flannel sheets and a heavy comforter during those cold winter months. However, nothing can be worse than being trapped under a blanket that traps heat, leaving you awake all night sweating in the midst of summer. Swap out those flannel sheets and comforter for a lighter blanket and breathable percale sheets that are perfect for those who get warm at night. While cooling down your bed, add warmth by adding throw pillows with bright colors that contrast a clean white blanket to create a summery feel in your bedroom. Creating the perfect bed starts with finding a mattress that is comfortable for you, paired with the right bedding that’ll give you the best night of sleep you can ask for.

Let There Be Light

With longer days and longer nights, light is your best friend and will grant you more time to enjoy the great outdoors. During the long summer days, you want to take advantage of all the light summer has to offer. You can redecorate your bedroom on a tight budget and bring in light in a variety of ways. You can purchase affordable, yet stylish curtains that bring those warm summer rays directly into your bedroom. Additionally, you can purchase a floor mirror that will reflect the sunlight throughout your whole room while you get ready in the morning or fold your laundry in the evening.

Feel the Breeze

More sunlight means more heat. Summer can get extremely hot, and our homes can turn into saunas. If you’re trying to save on your electric bill by limiting the use of your central air, opt for a decorative floor fan. Floor fans are great at circulating the air in your bedroom, creating a soothing breeze that allows you to smell the scents of summer, whilst lowering your body temperature at the same time. As those hot summer days turn to cool nights, place your oscillating fan by the window to push the cool outdoor air into your bedroom.


Add accessory pieces and furniture to brighten up your bedroom and get it summer-ready. Look into purchasing a vanity that will reflect natural light with its mirror as you perform your go-to summer beauty tricks. Additionally, brighten up your room with a colorful quilt to drape over a chair or at the end of your bed to give your room that authentic feel. Lastly, bring nature indoors. Decorate your room with lively plants that improve air quality and spice up your room with color and earthiness.

Turning your bedroom into a summer-ready sleeping oasis doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Shed your room of unnecessary winter clothes and other objects. This will declutter both your room and your mind. Sleep tightly at night with light, cool bedding that won’t leave you waking up in a pool of sweat. Then, bring light to your room with mirrors that reflect natural light and use bright accessories, like throw pillows and plants, and you’re good to go!

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