Bayong Republic Puts Pinoy Fashion in the Bag

There was a time when the Bakya, Salakot, and Bayong are fashion staples for the ordinary Pinoy. But as fashion tastes evolved, these wardrobe staples took a backseat to their western counterparts. Now that social and eco-friendly enterprises are on the rise, the bayong is back in fashion with fresh new looks. One such enterprise, The Bayong Republic,  has got Pinoy Fashion in the bag with its chic and artsy designs. I recently got 3 bags from them and here is what I love about them.

Stylish Variety of Designs. If you check out the Bayong Republic Facebook site you’ll find several bayong bags with different designs. You can find classic-chic designs that can go well with both casual and corporate looks. There are also colourful designs that’s perfect for the beach or picnic activities. Those who are feeling artsy can also find a bayong bag to fit their taste. I like the overall look and feel of the bags I got. Just like me you can also get bags in different designs and sizes to fit a variety of activities. I use my bayong bags for shopping, bank errands, business transactions, and casual days out.

It’s a great showcase of Pinoy talent. In this day and age of global fashion, it’s nice to go back to our roots and give the world a taste of our own fashion. The base material used and the woven design gives the Bayong Republic bag a traditional Filipino feel. But at the same time it also has a fashion forward feel with the accents and colours that add character to it. For instance, the Painted Buntal Bayong that I got has wooden handles wrapped with soft fabric. These bayong bags can also be perfect gifts for your friends abroad. A bayong bag abroad can make them feel closer to home and be a source of their Pinoy Pride too.

It supports local industry. The bags are sourced and woven locally so in a way you are also supporting the livelihood of locals by patronizing these bags. I personally feel good when purchasing items from enterprises that support local communities.

I am happy with the 3 bags I got from Bayong Republic. They are practical and affordable fashion pieces that Pinoys can be proud of. My personal favourite among the 3 is the the one I’m using in the  photo below. I have used it several times and I love how spacious and functional it is, perfect for a busy mom like me who brings a lot of things whenever I’m out to do some errands or attend media events.

You can also add a touch of Pinoy Fashion in your LOTD by sporting a stylish bayong bag once in a while. Check their social media sites and order your own bayong bag now….

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  1. Jessica bathan
    October 12, 2019 / 6:40 pm

    Super gaganda ng design pang class ang dating Mommy K. Galing talaga ng gawa ng pinoy. 😊

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