Beauty Glazed Look for Polished Looks Even with Masks on

Face masks are still mandatory and it seems that it’ll be part of our health protocol for a long bit. As such, we must get used to having masks as part or our everyday looks. Although these masks cover half of our faces there are still ways to get awesome everyday looks that can turn heads. Two simple ways to go about it is to focus on having a clean and smooth finish for your face and gorgeous eyes that gives you a polished look. For that we’ve got some Beauty Glazed tools to get the job done.

Gorgeously polished look from Beauty Glazed Liquid Foundation

Beautiful skin is the foundation of your beauty. This is why most people work hard on keeping their skin looking bright and flawless. Sadly, this can be a challenge for some. On the bright side there are also tools that can be used to hide flaws and imperfections on our skin. One of which is the  Beauty Glazed Matte Long Lasting Waterproof Liquid Foundation. As the name implies this foundation gives you a nice matte finish for that flawless look you want. It doesn’t just hide lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, it also hydrates your skin thereby giving it a softer and smoother look.

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Gorgeous eyes with gorgeous colors from Beauty Glazed Eye Shadow Palette

Let your eyes shine with a nice mix of colors to fit your mood and suit the occasion. The nice thing about the Beauty Glazed 60 Color Eye Shadow Palette is that you’ve got lots of colors to play around with. Aside from the 60 rich and vibrant hues you also get to choose from different finishes. It’s got matte, Shimmer, and sheen options in its Palette selection so it’s definitely something fun to explore in coming up with Eye popping looks.

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Beauty Glazed at Shopee Beauty

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