Planning to Study in Tucson? Check Out Budget-Friendly Apartments


Tucson is well-known for its student-oriented city life and culture. With more than a dozen premier institutions of post secondary learning,Tucson is the intellectual nerve center of the State of Arizona. The University of Arizona, located in Tucson has one of the 10 largest student populations on a single campus inside the United States.


If you are planning to pursue education in Tucson, and you have already received the acceptance letter from your college, it is time to look for a residence which fits your budget needs. Here are some tips to check out budget-friendly apartments:

Talk to Friends and Acquaintances

If you have any personal contacts, you should ask them for advice on what areas to prefer and which ones to avoid when looking for apartments. If you are not familiar with Tucson, ask them point-blank, which type of residential area will be most well-suited for your needs.

Do an Internet Search

Make sure you use keyword combinations, such as “Tucson Neighborhoods”, “Safe neighborhoods in Tucson”, “Student friendly Neighborhoods in Tucson,” and do your research thoroughly before you start hunting for Tucson apartments. There are many local experts who have written useful pointers and short guides on various neighborhoods, and it is well worth your time to read them before you proceed.

Consider the Location

Once you have shortlisted the areas where you would search for budget-friendly apartments, look for locations which offer a reliable public transport, grocery stores, and hospitals within walking distance. Preferably, your college campus should also be located within walking distance from your home.

Think Student Friendly

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Make sure your apartment’s location is filled with like-minded students. If you are a sociable person, you might as well live in a location where students are fun-loving. On the other hand, if your major is in Sciences, Linguistics, or Engineering, your coursework will be very intense, and you would want to make sure your neighborhood is quiet, so you can study for hours during day and night without getting disturbed by loud music and parties.

Ensure Safety and Security

Safety and security is very important especially if you are a student. To avoid the possibility of assault and violent attacks, avoid renting apartments on streets which are not well lighted. Make sure the streets from your apartment to your college have ample lamp posts, and you get a feeling of security and safety when you are walking around on your own.

Find Something Affordable

Make sure the terms of the lease on your apartment are not too costly, and the rent is affordable. Avoid those that require more than six months of lease and a security deposit greater than one month’s rent.

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