Is It Unsafe to Drive with a Broken Axle?

An axle is a fixed or rotating rod or spindle that goes through the center of a wheel. The wheel rotates around or with the axle, depending on the setup. Your vehicle needs two operational axles to work properly. If you notice strange noises when you turn the wheel, your Dana 44 axle may be failing. Driving with a broken axle can be dangerous and can put you at risk of crashing.

What Causes a Broken Axle?

There are several situations that can cause your axle to break. Some of the most common include:

  • Too much load for the axle to support
  • Metal wear-and-tear
  • Severe off-roading conditions

If an axle is completely broken, the vehicle will not move at all. This is because the wheels can’t turn if the axle is broken. If an axle is on its way out, your car may still move but you’ll likely feel excessive vibrations and shaking even at slow speeds. The vibrations will only increase when you accelerate or turn corners. Loud clicking or clunking sounds can further confirm the presence of a faulty axle. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to have your car examined and repaired as soon as possible. Axle replacement is the perfect time to think about purchasing new tire wheel packages as well.

What Can Happen if You Drive With a Damaged Axle?

It’s possible to drive with a faulty axle, but that doesn’t mean it’s wise. You’ll have a more difficult time controlling the car and will find the ride uncomfortable. More importantly, you run the risk of becoming involved in or causing a car accident. This is because the axle can completely fail at any time, leaving you with no control over your vehicle and no way to keep it from coming to a complete and abrupt stop.If you think you may have problems with one or both of your axles, have them checked out right away. You can find high quality axles, winch accessories and other parts at 4 Wheel Parts.

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