Oval Tubs For Serious, Ritual Bathers

There is an art to bathing that starts with knowing your own personality. Some people really want to be able to dash in and out of a bathroom. Though they take personal hygiene seriously, they have busy lives and need to be able to get through a bathroom routine quickly. Then there are those who see bathing as the rejuvenation ritual. They like time alone to relax and release the stress of the day. These ceremonial bathers need the amenities of oval drop-in tubs.


The Luxury of Soaking

The standard size tub is no longer a proper fit for the average size American. Instead it is a cramped space and most designs make it difficult to stretch out your legs and really relax. The oval tub is a bit more accommodating. You have room to move around and the curve of the tub is more soothing for your back. Some couples have championed these tubs because their is almost always room for two. For those who like to take their time bathing, the oval tub is the height of luxury. It allows you to slowly unwind and properly take some down time.

Bathing Activities

Every single person has a different way of relaxing in a tub. Some want music, candles, wine and light snacks while they are soaking. Others prefer a good book and the ability to reach scented oils and bath foam. The space around a drop-in allows you to make bathing only one part of your ritual. Many of these oval tubs are dropped into a pre-existing foundation or floor or pushed and sealed against and existing wall. Their function and style usually have already been factored into the design of the bathroom. They come with ledges or foundation surfaces that allow you to place book rests, loofahs and brushes, or other things you might take with you into an hour-long bath.

Space Savers

Although it has nothing to do with the good time you will have in an oval tub, they are practical because they save space in small bathrooms. After you take your long bath, you will need the space to move around and re-emerge to the real world.

The choice of an oval tub is very personal for those who use if often. It is a peaceful, affordable way to tackle stress or spend quality time with yourself. You just show up, run the water, and for a time, the whole world is on hold.

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