Toughbooks: Tough Rugged Laptop

There are laptops, and there are Toughbooks. Produced by the Japanese manufacturer Panasonic, the Toughbook series is a portable computer with a design much sturdier than something normally used on an everyday basis. Used in businesses where security and ruggedness are required, the Toughbook is go-to when drops, spills, dirt, and dust are part of the normal business day.

Yet, despite their seeming invulnerability, Panasonic Toughbooks can show wear and tear as much as a regular laptop. Since these devices run much higher in price than the basic laptop, purchasing new ones all the time is probably not in the annual budget. However, refurbishing or renewing of the Toughbooks may be included. And this is why you need to find locations which sell a refurbished Panasonic Toughbook or make it as good as new.

Numerous locations across the country, MRugged Mobile Technology as an example, deal exclusively with Toughbooks. Most of these sell refurbished products. These are Toughbooks with replacement parts, touched-up skins, and 90-day warranties. They are the certified, pre-owned vehicles of the technology world.

If you’re concerned about third-party refurbishments, then consider a refurbished model which comes directly from Panasonic. When buying from a dealer you can tell these from third-party companies because of the “PR” in the serial number. The advantage to this is security that Panasonic components were used to refurbish the Toughbook.

If your budget allows, considered not only refurbished Toughbooks but those which are renewed as well. Those companies who sell these type of products make them look and operate like new by replacing worn/defective components, brightening and recovering the LCD touch screen, and fixing discolored pieces for the keyboard and mousepad. In addition, these parts are tested and evaluated prior to the product being placed on the selling floor.

New Panasonic Toughbooks become worn Toughbooks in certain environments, but there’s no need to replace them with brand new models every year. Make sure your IT team looks into locations which provide refurbished and renewed Toughbooks. Not only will this reduce the budget but it will maintain productivity and clients for years to come.

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