New York is truly one of the United States’ great cities

New York, aka “The Big Apple,” is a city like no other. This city has a vitality that’s totally unique. It offers history, great architecture, art, culture, music, theater and dining options galore, and all of this is available in a city that’s very easy to get around in, via the subway and the city streets. For those who love to walk and discover great sights and attractions, New York is a must. From the Empire State building to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Broadway and beyond, New York is, without a doubt, truly an American treasure.

America’s Greatest City

New York is one of the oldest cities in the United States, as it started out as New Amsterdam when the United States was first being established. New York was initially the capital city of the United States, before Washington DC was created, and it’s here that George Washington was sworn in as America’s first President. This rich history is part of what makes New York such a great place to visit, with endless options for exploration.

Arts and Entertainment

There’s a wealth of great entertainment options in New York, and they’re all available and easily accessible via the subway or by taxi or uber. NY cabaret is a great option for seeing talented singers and comedians in a more intimate setting. Some of the cabaret venues in New York provide drinks and dining options during the shows, which adds to the enjoyment of the evening. Broadway of course is a huge entertainment attraction in New York, and the choices in great shows here are absolutely amazing. It’s wise to plan ahead for seeing Broadway shows by checking on the show websites and getting the best ticket prices available.

Without question, New York is truly one of the United States’ great cities. This is a town that never fails to delight the visitors who come here in search of art and culture, so start planning that next trip now!

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