Top Security Alarm Services Need Not be Expensive

You may be protecting your real estate investment with an alarm system, but are you paying more than you need to for a top quality alarm monitoring service? You can save on alarm monitoring services with companies such as Alarm Relay because they sell directly to you without a middleman.

How Safe Are You?

You may have installed a high quality security system, but you also want to be confident that your alarm monitoring service is more than the latest technology. While advanced technology can provide the fastest connection between you and help, you also need talented and dedicated personnel on the job. The best technicians are trained by the Security Industry Association (SIA) to have the practical knowledge required to effectively manage security systems in the best interests of their customers.

Security dispatchers often need to multi-task when they are dealing with several parties connected to a single incident. They need to liaise with local police and fire departments and, in some cases, with local ambulance services. When monitoring commercial property, they may need to make quick decisions and contact both the police and the company’s security team.

The Industry Standards

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the leader in inspection and certification of central alarm stations. In order to get their certification, the alarm monitoring company must adhere to their standards. They inspect systems annually to ensure compliance and are committed to inspecting the latest technology for intrusion detection, fire detection and much more.

Commercial Property Security

There are several services that are available for commercial enterprises from basic alarm monitoring for burglars, vandals and fire to counting the number of visitors your business receives each day. Whether it is a commercial or residential business, your alarm monitoring service should take appropriate action within seconds of your alarm being activated and not charge you for false alarm signals.

Prevent False Alarms

You can prevent false alarms by educating everyone in your home or who is involved in security in your business about the proper operation of the system. Your central monitoring station should not call the police in the event of a power outage, loss of telephone connection or low batteries.

Safety is all about customer service, and your system needs to work when you need it. This is the only way you can rest assured that your family, home and belongings are safe, whether you are there or not.

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