Pawnshop with Highest Appraisal + My First “Sangla” Experience

It’s the opening of the school year again, and just like any parents, my husband and I spent a lot on our daughter’s school needs – school supplies, school fees, uniforms, shoes and other school-related expenses. We had set a aside a budget specifically for these things way ahead of time, but still, it’s not easy to imagine spending a lot for our daughter’s school needs. No, please don’t misunderstood me, I know that my daughter’s education is all worth it, most especially that she’s a consistent honor student from grades 1 to 3, it’s just that, everything has been so “overpriced” these days.

Aside from Keisha’s school fees , we also incurred expenses for our beach getaways last summer in Plantation Bay Resort & Spa in Cebu and Kamana Sanctuary in Subic. With all of these, added up with our day-to-day spending, I know we’ve gone a bit overboard with our expenditures.This June, I also had plans to relaunch my online shop, Kaleisha Collection. This is my small business where I sell blouses and other apparels on Instagram and Shopee. And, with the relaunch, I am in need of additional capital. To be honest, my husband wanted me to close my online shop and just focus on our daughter and our transportation business. But, I just can’t let go of it since it’s not just a business for me but a passion project. So definitely, I can’t ask for financial assistance from him and I can’t withdraw cash from our savings account.
While thinking on where to get that extra capital, I saw several pawnshops along the way… Hmmmm… What if… Yes, I will try to pawn my ring and bracelet (an heirloom from my Lola, you know I was the first “apo” – the most loved, they say). Actually, I am not 100% decided to really pawn my jewelries as these are very important pieces to me. But then, I don’t see anything wrong if I’ll do it as I’ll be using the money for business. And, I won’t let my precious jewelries be pawned for a long time, maybe just around a month or two.

There were several pawnshops along the area, so I tried my ring to be appraised. One pawnshop, appraised the ring at Php6,000, I also had my bracelet appraised and it was at Php9, 000. It was a good amount, but I don’t know why I brought my jewelries to other pawnshops, I let several pawnshops appraised them, but I was surprised that it was a little bit lower than the previous appraisal. I thought that they will have the same appraisal value. I’m not really familiar with the “pawning” thing, so it’s great to know that each pawnshop’s appraisal amount is different.
Before I decided to go back to the first pawnshop that gave me the highest appraisal so far, I walked in at Cebuana Lhuiller. I must admit that the standee of Sarah G and Alden in front made an impact to me. There were many customers for various transactions, but there’s a special lane for pawning purposes, so it was easy for me to transact without having to fall in line.

I presented my ring and my bracelet, they tested it and informed me that they appraised the ring at Php7,800.00 (P1,800 higher than the other pawnshop) and my bracelet has an appraisal value of Php11, 000.00 (P2k higher). By getting higher amount compared to the other pawnshops that I’ve been to, I was convinced to pawn at Cebuana Lhuillier.

The process of pawning was easy, I filled up a form with my personal data, the appraiser sealed the item in a plastic and told me to sign it. After that, I was handed the pawn ticket and the money. I was also informed that I need to redeem the ring in 4 months or it will be for auction. I was also reminded that I need to pay the interest rate before the due date (every month when I can’t redeem it early) indicated on the ticket to avoid penalties and other fees.

Now, I got the highest take-home pay for my jewelries which simply means a bigger additional capital for my online shop. Yey! I’m just glad that I didn’t settle on the first pawnshop. My feet brought me to Cebuana Lhuillier which gave me not only the highest appraisal fee but also peace of mind knowing that my heirloom pieces were both safe and secure. Another thing I loved about Cebuana is that they have about 2,500 branches nationwide. They are easily accessible and provide convenient and fast service.

Oh, by the way, Cebuana Lhuillier also accepts gadgets for pawning, offers money remittances, insurance, bills payments, offers microfinance loans and even e-loading services!

Overall, I’m just happy that I now have additional capital for my business in an instant. The process was so fast and easy plus I don’t have to worry that I’ll forget about the maturity date because I was informed that Cebuana Lhuillier will notify me of my upcoming maturity date via text. And, that’s a superb service!

How about you, have you tried pawning your jewelries? Share your “sangla” experience on the comment section below.

  1. I haven’T tried pawning but it gives me now a glimpse where to go in case I need to pawn something. thank you for this

  2. Way back college days Ms. K, nag pawn din ako ng necklace ko sa cebuana para pandagdag sa tuition fee ko. Sa ibang pawnshop hindi tinanggap ung necklace ko dyan lang sa cebuana. ❤️

  3. Yes po it will be a great help for us pag kailangan natin ng money in a rush. Lalo na po sa business and im pretty sure po pag nag progress or nag boom n yung business natin matutubos po natin yung sinanla. Kaya po nagpapasalamat po ako ng may mga pawnshop n talagang makakatulong sa tin. Thank you Ms. K for sharing your experience ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Andami din ng mga services ni Ceb. Dito nagpapadala kmi kay Mama sa probinsya ung points naipon nakkapagload kmi kaya tipid din hehe solve na pangload sa phone.

  5. True yan mommy wla hassle sa pawning lane. Unlike sa mgppadala. Pero tried and tested na namin si cebuana noong neex operahan si eldest. Lumapit kmi sa isang sanlaan kagatin na sana kasi need na lumipat kmi kay Ceb ayun mataas appraisal.naisanla ko ang kwintas ko nun. Natubos ko din sya kasi mura lang binbayaran namin evwry 3 mos ata un if tama pagka alala ko.

  6. Hi! Thank you for sharing your experience. I bought used gold jewelry 22karat here in Dubai for the purpose of pawning in the Philippines. Is it really true na tutubo yung amount pag sinangla sa Pilipinas? I heard other people na successful naman but would just like to ask you na din. Thanks!

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