Ways to build and express your creativity

Many people don’t realize this, but creativity is truly a muscle. When you become intentional about exercising this muscle, the stronger it becomes. This is one of the main reasons why so many incredible musicians are able to produce tons of hits throughout the lifetime of their careers. In order to build and express your creativity indulging in these four activities.

1. Pottery
Pottery is such a fun and relaxing art form. When you work with the clay, you have the power to mold and shape it into what you want it to be. Once you’ve created your desired shape, you can bake, paint and gloss the final results. Many people end up expressing their creativity through pottery and it ends up becoming a lucrative income stream. Know that it can work as a side hustle, but it can also serve as something that restores and builds you up from an emotional standpoint.

2. Songwriting
Songwriting is tons of fun for so many people because it’s an ideal way to share emotions and feelings. If you’ve ever listened to a song and really resonated with it, it’s because the songwriter was able to perfectly identify an emotion that many people feel. Get into the habit of writing lyrics down. As you continue to write and come up with melodies, everything will flow.

3. Fashion
Fashion designer Tom Ford once stated that dressing well is a form of good manners. For others, dressing well is a way to creatively express their viewpoints. Have fun with colors, lines and patterns. Take time to understand your fashion perspective and then be consistent in sharing it. You never know who you’ll be able to inspire or connect with just because you really like to wear fashionable clothes from a specific era like the 70s or 90s.

4. Painting
Painting is cathartic and therapeutic. Even though Beyonce is known for her incredible singing and dance moves, she’s admitted that she loves to paint. She has no desire to share her artwork with the world. It’s just a way to express her creativity. Purchase a few canvases, watercolor paints and brushes. Consider brushes from companies like Dynasty Brush Company Inc. As you develop your painting skills, continue to indulge in the art form to keep the creativity flowing from an authentic place.

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