Picnic Grove In Tagaytay

If you want to stay in a relaxing place where your family can indulge in different adventurous activities like horseback riding, kite flying and zip line ride while enjoying the cool breeze of Tagaytay, then, Picnic Grove is the best place for you. As its name states, this is an open themed park where you can have a picnic with your love ones and do other recreational activities with an entrance fee of Php 50.00 per head.

Picnic Grove in Tagaytay
Picnic Grove in Tagaytay

Two months ago, my family went to this place right after our visit from People’s Park In The Sky. We rented a family gazebo and had our lunch to satisfy our empty stomachs. Bringing our own food and disposable utensils, we were so delighted with the picnic set-up. That made me reminisce the time when we had our picnics in Luneta Park when we were still young.

Our food in Tagaytay
Our food in Tagaytay: a homemade siomai by Tita Kitty, adobo, biko, laing, and pancit.

Aside from having picnic, my little girl also did a little kite flying activity. Keisha was fascinated with the kites flying high up in the air and she didn’t stop from begging my dad to get her one as well.

Kite Flying In Picnic Grove Tagaytay
My not-so-spoiled little girl got what she wanted again at Picnic Grove, Tagaytay.
Kite Flying In Picnic Grove Tagaytay
Kite Flying In Picnic Grove Tagaytay
Kite Flying In Picnic Grove Tagaytay
Here’s my mom and dad enjoying kite flying in Tagaytay. They will definitely do everything just to make the little girl happy.

There are many activities that can be done here in Picnic Grove like horseback riding for Php 2oo.oo/hr, zip line Php 200.00 one way, cable carΒ  Php 200.00 one way and fish spa Php 199.00/30 mins. You can also visit the butterfly garden with P50.00 entrance fee and you may also have your picture taken with the snake or crocodile for a certain sum of money as well.

Before entering the park, while I was in search of an online local printing, my husband spotted a cute donkey. We headed towards it and had our picture taken for Php20.00 only (unlimited shots using your personal camera).

Picnic Grove in Tagaytay
Lovely donkey in Picnic Grove, Tagaytay

We had our pictures taken twice, before entering and upon exit of the park while my cousins were busy with horse back riding. I swear this donkey looks so beautiful and cute in person.

Lovers In Tagaytay
Lovers In Tagaytay

Our Tagaytay trip is extra special since I get to travel with my parents, brothers and other relatives. I hope we can do this regularly every summer and/or Christmas break.


  1. I wanna go there! P50 per head is not bad at all. I don’t think I have been to Tagaytay and I heard that is a great place to go especially family gatherings. Maybe one day, I would be able to go there πŸ™‚

  2. I remember that I already been there with my classmates. It was high school years ,when we had a field trip. If I was remember, there’s no cable car at that time. You enjoyed your picnic and nice family bonding too. Love all the pictures specially the lovers..LOL

  3. Hubby is looking for a great place to visit in Tagaytay this summer. I’ll suggest Picnic Grove to him. My son will surely enjoy kite flying.

  4. It’s been a while since I last visited Picnic Grove. I’d love to go back if not for the awful traffic going up Tagaytay on weekends.

  5. I’ve only been to Tagay:)tay once before, but I was too young to actually remember anything about the place. They say it’s a lot like Baguio, is it? πŸ˜›

    It looks like you all had such a great time! πŸ™‚ Wow, kite flying, I’d like to try my hand at that someday.

  6. I’ve to Picnic Groove twice. The last one was in December 2007. It was a memorable and funny family picnic. It was windy day, our paper plates at cups were “flying”, setting up the bbq grill was kinda difficult, too lolz. I’m cooking up for a Tagaytay getaway later this year or early next year during my husband’s homecoming πŸ˜€

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