Five Suggestions for Buying a New Motorcycle

The prospect of buying a motorcycle is exciting. Dealerships like Frontline Eurosports have so many different options to make your dreams come true. But, the challenge many prospective buyers have is finding the right bike at the right price.

Following are some suggestions offered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to help you get the right bike:

• Figure out what kind of bike you want.
• Conduct your own research into different bikes.
• Buy your bike on a budget.
• Test-drive the bike before you finalize your purchase.
• Make it legal.

Determine the Bike You Want
There are many different styles of bikes to choose from. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a machine just because it is cool or because your friends have one. Take some time to evaluate what you want to do with the bike. For example, will you be driving it primarily for fun, or will you be using it to commute back and forth to work? Different bikes cater to different needs in terms of things like comfort and function.

Conduct Your Own Research
Once you have decided what type of bike you want, do your own research. The Internet makes it very easy to look at different makes and models. The Internet also gives you easy access to customer reviews, which can provide valuable information.

Buy on a Budget
There are many different options if you want to buy a bike on a budget. The DMV suggests the following:
• Don’t be afraid to negotiate the cost of your bike with the dealership.
• Consider buying last year’s model.
• Pay cash; some dealers offer a 10% discount for cash.
• Research the value of a trade-in before you go to the dealership.
• Think about buying a used machine.

Take It on a Test Drive
Before you finalize any sale, make sure you test-drive the machine. Drive it using a variety of speeds, road surfaces, and locations to help you get a feel for how well it drives.

Make It Legal
Once you have finalized your selection, make it legal. If you buy from a dealership like Frontline Eurosports, they can help you with licensing requirements. If you are buying from an individual, the DMV suggests that you make sure you get a copy of the title and registration to ensure the bike wasn’t stolen.


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