7 Years and Counting…

Noel and Kaye 7th Wedding Anniversary

7 years ago, I gave my “yes” to you in front of God, our families and friends. You loved me with all your heart and proved to me that there is such thing as true love. Through the years, I have kept my promise of love and so you did. And, as we celebrate this milestone in our married life, I just want to let you know that my love for you will always be as strong, as fresh and as sincere, the way it was the first time we said our ” I Do’s”. Life is not a piece of cake, most especially on the year that passed. But, here we are, still standing strong together, working our ways to make our marriage work and proving that our love can overshadow all the obstacles in our relationship.

Despite of all my shortcomings, I would like to thank you for loving and understanding me. Thank you for keeping up with all my tantrums and craziness! Thank you for the daily wonderful surprises and for always spoiling me! Thank you for working hard, for giving us a comfortable and happy life! Thank you for giving me your best! I am truly blessed to have married a responsible man and our daughter is even luckier to call you Dad.

As we step into another year, let’s make more of our dreams come true! Let’s work harder so Keisha and our future kids will have the best and brightest future. Let’s fill our home with lots of love, laughter, understanding, respect and admiration. I love you babe and you will always be the apple of my eyes!

Happy 7th Year Wedding Anniversary Babe! Cheers to more years of happy and blessed family life!



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