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I AM SM WOMAN EventWhen it comes to dressing up, I stick to the style that works for me. While it’s perfectly fine to be adventurous at times, to follow the trend and not be boxed with a certain look, I still find comfort wearing my personal style. To those who know me, you’re aware that I prefer dresses and skirts more than any type of outfit. Hence, I invest on pieces that I can carry confidently and wear comfortably.

First impressions do make an impact, right? That’s why I really take dressing up seriously. As much as possible, I try to be presentable and follow the imposed dress code on varying occasions.

I Am SM WomanAnd, speaking of style and power dressing, I’m happy to share that SM Woman recently launched its new and improved look in a three-day fashion festival showcasing its powerhouse collection that will cater to every modern woman of different sizes in all stages of her life.

I was fortunate to be part of the second day of the event where the #IAmDriven collection was launched. Models strut their way to the catwalk wearing classic and elegant pieces, trendy outfits that you can mix and match. The denim collection was a surprise. It came in different styles that will absolutely suit every modern woman’s preference.

DRIVEN-1The fashion show was graced by two equally driven women who perfectly embody the vision of the collection – Ms. Amina Aranaz, SOFA founder and fashion entrepreneur and Ms. Teresa Herrera, model and host.

I Am SM Woman

I AM SM Woman K(photo from ARC Public Relations, Inc. FB page)

There was a 2-hour shopping party where we got the chance to score the SM Woman collection at a discount. I honestly drooled over the fab dresses, skirts, culottes, blouses and vests. I also bought dresses at GTW by SM.

I Am SM WomanConfused on which one to buy…

I Am SM WomanHad my photo taken with one of the faces of SM Woman who’s very kind and accommodating, Janeena Chan.

With the launch of the New SM Woman, dressing up is now made more accessible. Choose from the classic designs that you can mix and match to trendy ones for a more hip look. Now, you can be stylish without breaking the bank as these good quality pieces are affordable.

Shop in The SM Store’s trademark collection of private labels – SM Woman Career, SM Woman Fashion, SM Woman Prima, SM Woman Denim/Casuals, SM Woman Sleep and Lounge, SM Woman Active, Coco Cabana by SM Woman, Gigi Amore by SM Woman, and SM Woman Plus.

If you have seen my recent Instagram posts, I’ve worn some of the items I got during the private sale in our trip to Singapore last week. Check out my IG account @kayefig because I’ll be uploading more photos wearing SM Woman. =)

How about you lovelies, what’s your favorite piece from the New SM Woman collection? I’m quite sure you have lots of faves too…  =)

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