Wholesome Refreshment with Oishi Great Lakes

If you are following my blog or any of my social media sites, you probably know that my goal this year is to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. And just in time that I’m leaning to a healthier path, I get to know about this newest product from Oishi named Great Lakes. It’s a line of natural fruit juice drink with pure and wholesome goodness, made from the finest fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t have artificial colouring, flavouring and sweeteners. Isn’t that great?

oishi-great-lakes-3Moms like me will definitely agree that one of the most frustrating tasks is how to get their kids eat nutritious foods. Yes, it’s hard to feed them at times most especially the picky-eaters. With Great Lakes, you can easily add fruits and vegetables into their diet without them knowing. The first two variants – Fruits and Vegetable Mix and Tropical Fruit Mix were introduced last year.

Recently, they launched their two newest refreshing variants and I am fortunate to receive a boxful of treats filled with Pure Pressed Apple Juice and Just Right Red Grape Juice.

Oishi Great Lakes 100% Pure Pressed Apple

– Made from real apple with its pulp. Each drop contains the robust, full-bodied earthy taste and natural sweetness of juicy apples that tastes just right. It’s cloudy in color and packed with Vitamin C.


Oishi Great Lakes Just Right Red Grape

– It has just the right amount of natural grape juice, giving it a taste that is “just right”. It has the bold flavor that only real grapes can deliver.

oishi-great-lakes-4Overall, these two new variants taste really good and definitely don’t taste like medicine. From the moment I received a crate filled with these refreshments, meal time was never the same. I always have a glass of this awesome goodness! If I were to choose between the two, I prefer the 100% Pure Pressed Apple. It’s delicious, tangy and very refreshing! Or the Just Right Red Grape because of the perfect blend of premium red grapes. The sweet aftertaste is amazing. Oh, I can’t choose… Please don’t make me pick one… I’m torn because I’m loving both…

oishi-great-lakesOishi Great Lakes juices are now available nationwide in major supermarkets and convenience stores, for Php20.00 for handy 250ml packs, and Php70.00 for the resealable 1L variants.  (Note: Price may vary per supermarket or grocery stores)

Get them now and share with us what made your day great and use the hashtags #OishiGreatLakes and #WholesomeRefreshment.

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