Review: Victor Ortega Salon, Spa and Facial Center Premier – Congressional Avenue Extension and Coffee Book

There is no better way to feel more beautiful and rejuvenated than to have your much needed beauty fix and pampering in your trusted salon and spa. Ladies let me ask you, what makes you feel beautiful in an instant? A new haircut, hair color, change in hair style, mani-pedi combined with relaxing foot spa and massage? Well let me share with you my secret, for days that I feel so down and low, my instant and effective magic potion is a quick visit to the salon. It’s either I get a haircut, treatment or I change my hair color. Then, tadaah… After few hours, I feel like a new and invigorated person ready to face life confidently and beautifully.


Recently, I received an invite to visit the newest salon gem in Congressional Avenue Extension-the Victor Ortega Salon Spa & Facial Center. From the name itself, you’ll have an idea of the extensive array of services they offer. All your beauty and pampering needs are housed in one place, indeed, a heaven-sent establishment most especially to the busy individuals who don’t have the luxury of time to travel from one place to another to have their hair fixed, facial spa, body massage and slimming treatments.

victor-ortega-salon-1Ribbon-cutting with Ms. Michelle Turabin with her family, Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez and Mr. Victor Ortega

Victor Ortega Salon offers a full line of hair and make up treatment, facial services, diamond peel, foot & hand spa, RF treatment and non-invasive lipo, and others.

victor-ortega-salon-3The sleek and contemporary look of its facade and interiors gives off an elegant and deluxe vibe. The moment you enter, you’ll be warmly greeted with a smile by their accommodating staff. There’s a spread of flyers and brochures with their list of services and treatments with corresponding prices. You’ll be surprised that even though this salon exudes a posh appeal, the rates of its services are very affordable. You won’t break your bank account to look and feel good.

victor-ortega-salon-4On my day of visit, the owner, Ms. Michelle Turabin amicably welcomed me and my fellow blogger, Michelle Estranero. The owner was gracious enough to personally tour me inside the salon. I love that the place is spacious since I’m claustrophobic. The salon layout was carefully planned and maximized, so even though they offer several services that require different spaces, the place is still roomy enough to accommodate many customers. The lighting and ventilation were also great, not to mention the comfortable couches, that complete the relaxing pampering experience.

Before my makeover started, I had a one-on-one consultation with their highly-trained professional stylist who examined my hair first. Too bad, I forgot his name. I decided to avail the full color but I made it clear that I prefer the elegant and conservative look since my daughter’s 7th birthday is coming and we’re scheduled for a photo shoot. I also don’t want to shock our guests with a blonde hair. I just had to clarify since I had an experience before where I ended having a corn silk-like hair. Simply, I went home with a yellowish golden head.


victor-ortega-salonHow my hair looked like before the service

victor-ortega-salon-4The stylist suggested for subtle highlights that will blend beautifully with the color that I chose.

victor-ortega-salon-6It takes a village to achieve my desired look. I love how hands-on they are.

Another great thing about Victor Ortega Salon is that they offer full-course meals and beverages including non-alcoholic mocktails while you’re having your treatment courtesy of the adjacent restaurant named Coffee Book which is apparently owned by Ms. Michelle Turabin as well.

They offer a complimentary herbal tea with a distinct refreshing taste. Take a sip and you’ll surely ask for a refill.

coffee-book-4Before venturing to their first salon franchise, Ms. Michelle and her husband are running their own restaurant and catering business for several years. It’s highly commendable that they came up with this brilliant idea of putting up a salon with a restaurant on the side where customers can either dine in before, after or even during their pampering session.

For their plated meal, I ordered the Beef Tapa. Served with fried rice and egg, the beef tapa is so delectable. The best tapa that I’ve tasted to date. I tell you, it’s worth the drive from my place – Cainta to Congressional Ave. I also ordered Cajun Chicken and Beef Tapa for takeout which I let my husband devoured. And, as expected he gave positive feedback for these two with a higher rating on Beef Tapa.

To give you an overview on what to order at Coffee Book, here’s their menu:coffee-bookcoffee-book-1
coffee-book-3Non-alcoholic mocktails



Going back to my hair coloring sesh…

I’m quite surprised that the coloring process didn’t sting even a bit. There’s no painful feeling on my scalp. It’s just like I’m having a hair spa treatment.


After the application of my desired hair color with highlights, I decided to have a haircut to veer away from the split ends that I have. He suggested to style it in layers so my shapeless hair will have dimension and will look more stylish.

victor-ortega-salon-8Here’s the result of my hair makeover.

victor-ortega-salon-10I love the subtle effect of the highlights.

Truly, these photos don’t do justice to my hair, as it looks a whole lot better in person. My hair color blends perfectly with the highlights. The color is not too bold, just right for a conservative yet stylish mom. =) Exactly how I wanted!


Overall, I love my hair color, the commendable premium service, the accommodating staff, the collective ambiance of the salon and the affordable price. I also love my Coffee Book dine-in experience. The concept is so great which I’m quite sure other establishments will soon follow.

To those of you who want to treat and pamper yourself, head on to Victor Ortega Salon Spa and Facial Center and have your quick beauty fix. Don’t forget to drop by the Coffee Book and try on their non-alcoholic mocktails and their all-day breakfast meals.


Victor Ortega Salon, Spa and Facial Center Premier – Congressional Ext.

Address: Blk 3, Lot 8, Congressional Ave. Extension, Mira Nila Homes, Quezon City, Philippines
Contact Number: 0916 777 4282
Salon Hours: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Coffee Book
Open from 8:00 AM until 2:00 AM


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  1. Judith
    April 11, 2017 / 1:31 pm

    I just attended to have massage at VO in The Grove Pasig…I left without completing as the receptionist was the least helpful as possible…it turned out she was also the masseur…
    The room had a door opening directly into reception so little privacy, the towels were dirty and the oils were very dirty.
    I will never go there again and will recommend against.

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