NIDO Mommy Carnival + Meet the New NIDO Protectus 3+

Few weeks ago, Keisha and I attended the NIDO Mommy Carnival event held at the Century City Mall. A couple of interactive activities and sweet treats were prepared both for moms and kids. Aside from these, NIDO also launched the new and improved NIDO 3+ which is now known as NIDO PROTECTUS 3+. I know you are aware that I’m an advocate of Nido’s #CheckTheLabel campaign and even shared my thoughts about it HERE. So, it was such a joy to be part of this launch and know more about the improvement they’ve made with Keisha’s favorite milk drink.

nido-mommy-carnival-11Upon entrance, we were greeted by this huge green and yellow arc mimicking the real look of a carnival with the name Nestle NIDO Protectus 3+ Mommy Carnival.

nido-mommy-carnival-1We were handed a passport which entitled us to claim  popcorn, cotton candy and marshmallow.

nido-mommy-carnivalHere’s Keisha who’s so excited to lure over the sweet treats in-store for her.

nido-mommy-carnival-2Popcorns and marshmallows for my #LakingAmazing kid.

nido-mommy-carnival-6Happy with her cotton candy.

nido-mommy-carnival-4It’s not only Keisha who had so much fun as I also had my own challenging yet happy moments when I tried the three activities – Wire Game, Shoot that Pong and Ring Toss. Of course, my competitive side badly wanted to win and take home prizes.

nido-mommy-carnival-8Souvenir photos were also up for grabs for all the attendees. All you’ve got to do is post on Instagram photos using the hashtag #nidoprotectusmommycarnival. Check this hashtag and see all the photos shared that day.

nido-mommy-carnival-7The highlight of the event was the appearance of NIDO’s mommy ambassador, Sarah Lahbati and her son, the oh so cute, Zion. She performed the newest and catchy jingle of NIDO which is currently airing on TVCs these days. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about since this song has a great recall not only for moms but to kids as well.

What’s new with NIDO 3+?

NIDO PROTECTUS 3+ has a new name, new look and siksik sa essential nutrients. This contains DHA, PREBIO® 3, Iron, Zinc, and other essential vitamins and minerals that help support his immunity, growth, and development. It also comes with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, now with Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a different strain of probiotics that helps support digestive defenses.

nido-mommy-carnival-10Keisha is a NIDO milk drinker for years now. NIDO plays an integral part why she’s always active and energetic. I’m grateful that she has strong and healthy immune and digestive system. All thanks to the LACTOBACILLUS PROTECTUS which can only be found in every glass of NIDO.

nido-mommy-carnival-9Thank you NIDO for giving us, moms, peace of mind, knowing that our children is protected from within.  Thank you for your endless commitment in supporting us to raise well-rounded, joyful and healthy kids who are capable to reach their full individual potential.

So moms, with NIDO PROTECTUS 3+, your kids can have a #LakingAmazing childhood just like what Keisha is experiencing now. Time and again, always remember to #CheckTheLabel most especially the food labels and give your children NIDO PROTECTUS 3+.

What are your thoughts on NIDO PROTECTUS 3+?

For more information about NIDO PROTECTUS 3+, you may visit their Facebook Page.

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