The 4 Best Reality Shows Still Airing in 2017

The average reality show has the lifespan of a butterfly, so it takes something special to remain on the air for years and years. If you’d like to sample some of these time-defying competitions for yourself, here are just four of the best reality shows still airing in 2017.

1. Survivor

The early days of Survivor were an absolute phenomenon. Ratings have fallen in recent years, but despite the fact that it’s no longer a cultural juggernaut, it’s still going strong after 34 seasons. The basic premise of the show is that players are dropped on an island and forced to vote each other off one by one. However, with all kinds of storms, bugs and injuries impeding their judgement, it’s never an easy task.

2. Dancing With the Stars

Dancing With the Stars exploded on the television scene in 2005. Already a remake of the UK’s Strictly Come Dancing, its popularity quickly expanded to even more countries with even more celebrities. The premise is that your favorite movie and TV stars have to dance their way to victory even if they aren’t particularly good at it. It’s full of funny, touching and occasional jaw-dropping moments, so it’s easy to understand why it’s such a fan favorite. You can check out the show’s official site for information on songs and line-ups.

3. Chopped

The show that turns every viewer into a food critic, Chopped is a cooking competition that pits together several different chefs in various ingredient-based rounds until only one is left standing. It’s both exciting and educational, especially for the folks watching at home, and it’s been airing for more than a decade now. People just can’t get enough of Chopped!

4. Big Brother

Like Survivor, Big Brother is a show where people are forced to live together while simultaneously voting each other off. This makes for a crazy game of strategy where players try to stab each other in the back without getting caught. It’s a very addictive summertime show, and what’s more, it comes with 24/7 “live feeds” available online. You can literally watch all day and all night!

These are just a few reality shows that are worth checking out in 2017. Some of them are almost as old as reality TV itself, but there’s a reason why they’ve stuck around this long. They’re really good!

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