Simple tricks that will help you look stylish and expensive in Ethnic wear

When you wear ethnic clothes to festivals and cultural events, you want to appear stylish and luxurious without spending extra money. Designer clothes can cost you a lot; but if you have a clue on how to choose the right attire, you can beat the system. Here are some tips to help you look more chic and expensive

The fabric of your clothes matter

When it comes to ethnic wear, the material of your clothes can determine your whole look. Many traditional ethnic wear are made of original expensive looking fabric. Good quality fabrics will make your whole look come off trendy in more ways than one. If you are getting an outfit from scratch you have more chances of picking the right fabric for your clothes, there are factors you should consider when picking out the fabric, get one that will be comfortable for the specific weather, occasion and body types. Here are some of the common fabrics used in classy expensive looking clothes;

Cotton is the most flexible fabric that is used in traditional ethnic wear. You can manipulate it into any colors you want to make it vibrant and dressy. Cotton is soft, breathable and comfortable. You can mix cotton with other materials to give off a different look. Silk cotton gives off a bright sheen and makes your attire look chic. Look for silk cotton kurti from Stylecaret that are affordable but will have you looking sophisticated and chic.

Silk is one of the most popular fabric that Makes out fit for various occasions, thick and heavy silk are used in making wedding and festival clothing. Traditionally, this material was used for wedding and festival clothing, especially by royals in saree, kurta and lehenga.

Georgette has a long flowy look and its texture makes it support embroidery and embellishments easily. The flowy nature of this material makes it ideal for kurta, saree and lehenga among 0ther ethnic wear. Chiffon is another flowy material that will not go unnoticed. Although it is cheap, it looks expensive on Indian wear and it can be died into different colors. The fabric is popular in chiffon choli, saree, flared kurta, dupattas and scarves. The crease resistant nature of crepe makes it look chic when made into salwar, kurti and kurta suits. It is graceful and gives off a chic look.

The color of your fabric matters

Now that you know which fabric to go with, it’s time to choose the right colors. Like with fabrics, not all colors are equal and give off a different vibe depending on how you wear them.

Black is a powerful color that has the ability to make your outfit look stunning. Even though it is perceived as a sad color and worn during funerals, you can make it work. A black kurta with a contrasting palazzo will make your look bold, expensive and ready for work.

Knowing how to match the colors perfectly will definitely help you achieve your desired looks. The safest way to match the colors of your outfit is to blend two shades within the same color. Play around with different shades until you find the perfect look.

To play it safe, you can match one color for the entire look. With the right material for your clothing, you may achieve an expensive chic look. Wear neutral colors to formal events and neon colors to casual hangouts with friends.

The ombre look is hard to style but one of the trendiest colors in India. Almost any ethnic outfit can go with an ombre. You can wear it in saree and lehenga for wedding ceremonies. Ombre colors look chic in indo-western fusions.

Concentrate on the details

Poor designs and details on your outfit can make it look cheap and undesirable. It doesn’t matter the price you buy on the cloth, be sure to check the buttons, zippers, seams and how the prints of the cloth line up. Loose zipper or thread can make your outfit look like it is cheaply made, or it has been worn for quite some time.

The pattern and design on the hemline can turn heads if you choose the right style. The tulip shaped hemline on a kurti makes it look sophisticated and therefore can be worn to important events. Not that the hemline determines the whole look of the kurti. You can wear it bear with heels and a matching bag for a more chic look to almost any social, formal and casual events. Prints that are not properly aligned throw off the whole look.

People will concentrate more on the print than your whole look, making your style unnoticeable. Avoid wearing too many prints or patterns in one outfit.

Wear an outfit that fits and complements your body type

When you have found an outfit with the right color and fabric, you should check to see if the fit complements your body type. Apple shaped bodies go well with simple fitting clothes, avoid tight clothes that are low cut. If you have a pear shaped body, wear long close fitting clothes that pay attention to your waist; add fun styles like fancy sleeve to make your look more stylish and expensive. With an hourglass figure, you can fit into almost any style or design. Avoid prints and heavy clothes; they hide your body shape. Finally, people with a lean figure should wear fitting clothes and strictly avoid oversize outfits that make you appear smaller. Kurta, lehenga, saree, palazzo, kurti and sherwani go well on all body types depending on how you wear them

Finally, Cheap is expensive

When you are buying an outfit, make sure you chose good quality attire even if it means you have to add a few coins on top. Cheap clothes fade and look old the more you wear them. Quality clothes will rarely fade and you can wear them to many occasions without them looking old.
You are now ready to choose that outfit that will have everyone turning their heads. Make sure you double check on the fit and material to make sure your outfit complements your body and goes well with the occasions.

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