Tips on Getting Kids Ready for First Grade

Now that your child is done with pre-school it’s time to prepare them for another milestone, the first grade. At this stage your child is introduced to the big school where they get to learn about more subjects and interact with older kids. As such, getting kids ready for first grade entails a different approach compared to prepping your pre-schooler for school.

The transition from pre-school to grade school is like moving from warm-up mode to the first leg of training. This means your child needs to be prepared for more serious work and longer hours in school. Here are some ideas on how to get your child ready for first grade.

Skills Inventory and Practice. Once your child enter first grade it is expected that they are already equipped with certain skills. This usually include basic reading, writing, and math skills. You may touch up on your child’s reading, writing, and math skills through play activities so they won’t feel pressured or overwhelmed with first grade lessons. Getting kids ready for first grade also calls for learning some practical skills. Parents can start teaching their kids how to tie their laces or button their jackets as these can also be helpful to a first grader.

Pep Talk. Since first grade school work is tougher than that of pre-school, parents also need to prepare their kids to face these challenges. They can casually talk to their kids about what to expect in grade school and let the kids know that they can ask for help on tough spots. Your end goal here is to give your kids a positive outlook in facing school challenges and not cause fear or anxiety. Discovering fun in learning should always be a part of education.

Set a School Routine. As mentioned above, grade schoolers have longer school hours than pre-schoolers. You can help your child cope with this by practicing a school routine at home weeks before school starts. This can be done by setting play or practice activity that would last for 30 minutes to an hour at certain times of the day. Bedtime and morning routines should also be practiced to help things run smoothly once school starts.

Shop for School Stuff Together. Getting kids ready for first grade shouldn’t be all work and no play. A child’s first day in first grade is an exciting event for parents and their children. It gets more exciting when kids have a part in choosing or shopping for the things they need for school. Shopping for school stuff can help them visualize themselves in school wearing or toting the items that they bought. Most kids can’t wait to show their new school bag or school gear on the first day of school.


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