Timeflys Baby Monitor: A Great Tool to Keep Tabs on Your Baby

It is quite common for moms to feel a bit anxious whenever their babies are out of sight or left in the care of nannies. As moms, we always want to be there to provide for our babies’ needs, be it food, comfort, or fun. However, it isn’t healthy for both mom and baby to have mommy hovering over baby all the time. With the help of a baby monitor, moms are more confident to take their eyes off their babies to work on other tasks.

There are different types of baby monitors available in the market today with varying features. Recently I got to try Timeflys Audio Baby Monitor to help me keep in touch with my baby boy while I’m out of the room. There are several things that I liked about Timeflys. First is the clarity of reception, Timeflys makes use of a Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) that enables it to transmit sounds without interference. This clean and clear transmission can make you feel like you’re in the same room as your baby. I also like their two way audio communication feature that allows me to immediately respond to my baby through the monitor. This is very helpful when the baby wakes up and starts to cry because your baby can immediately hear your soothing voice as you make your way to his room.

Another feature that I like about Timeflys Audio Baby Monitor is the music lullaby. It has 8 lullabies that can be played as your baby starts to doze off. This helps create a calm and peaceful ambiance for a nice comfy nap. Other features that make this product superior to other monitors in the market include: night mode, temperature monitor, parent paging function with vibration alert, and out of range alarm. That is more than what you need to keep tabs on your baby.

For me the best thing about this product is its value for money. You get to have one of the most advanced monitors in the market for about Php3,200 only. The product looks quite durable and could probably last for several years. This means you can keep it handy if you’re planning to have another child. If not, you can pass it on to another family member or use it in caring for the elderly. At any rate, you can’t put a price tag on the safe and secure feeling that you get from having an efficient baby monitor.

Timeflys Audio Baby Monitor is currently available in the following stores: Babymama, The Parenting Emporium and Rustans. You can also avail this online at The Nest Manila and Knots&Pans.

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