10 Summer Activities Your Kids Can Do at Home

When we think of summer, we usually think of outdoor fun with pool parties, nature walks and playing frisbee with our dogs. But there are days when we have to stay inside, either because of the weather, safety, or other situations.

Instead of just turning on the TV and letting our kids watch it for hours on end, you can also prepare some indoor activities that are fun and memorable for everyone.

Host an Indoor Camp

Making a tent using bedsheets is one fond childhood memory almost every parent has, so why not give your child the same?

You can even watch for some wild animals (stuffed toys) that are scattered all over the place and take pictures of them in their natural habitat (meticulously arranged by you, of course).


Go Treasure-Hunting

Put together some toys, treats, and trinkets and hide them all over the house for your little ones to find. And you can go beyond just a simple treasure hunt by making them pretend they’re pirates in search of valuable artifacts. The cherry on top of the treasure hunt is, of course, pirate-themed music.

Once the music stops, the kids should return to the starting point and you can start handing out prizes. Fun ideas for prizes can include a pirate-themed custom lapel pin or a DIY pirate hat that you made yourself.

Make a Story Book

We read to our kids all the time, but wouldn’t it be great if you could create a book with them, too? You can start with the first sentence and your child can write the next one. You can either make the illustrations as you go, or you can wait until you’ve put together an entire magnificent story.


No-bake cookies are good to make if you have younger kids. For older children, you can make simple baked goodies with them such as chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and cupcakes.

For this, you’ll need plenty of colorful sprinkles, peanuts, and assorted candies so you can let your child decorate the snacks any way she wants.

Make a Fort or Castle       

If you have a pile of cardboard boxes lying around in your home and some art supplies, you can make a medieval castle or fort so your kids can dress up and play their favorite knight, princess, or even dragon.

Your children’s stuffed animals can also be part of the fun. They can be castle guards, noble guests, or even invaders who want to take over the fort.

Have an Indoor Picnic

Who says you can’t have a picnic inside the house?

With a picnic blanket, some snacks and delicious juice, you can recreate the experience in the living room, backyard, or anywhere you want. There are no rules. You can even put out some board games and make a make-shift mini playground.

Make Furniture Art

If you have a piece of old wooden furniture that has seen better days, help your kid spruce it up a bit with some non-toxic coloring supplies. You can paint flowers, animals, or just make colorful handprints all over. This is a great way to unleash your child’s creativity.

Have a Backyard Circus

Circus-themed parties are a big hit with kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put up a kiddie circus outside of special occasions.

It can be as simple as letting the little ones dress up as clowns, putting up a cardboard stage for a puppet show, and making circus-themed snacks such as popcorn, cotton candy, and peanuts.

Take a Virtual Field Trip

There are plenty of virtual tours and live cams released lately for adults and kids to enjoy. So if you have internet, don’t skip this activity.

If you want to show your kids live footage of animals, try these sites:

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Atlanta Zoo (Panda Cam)
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Houston Zoo
  • Georgia Aquarium

For museum tours:

  • The Louvre
  • National Museum of Natural History
  • The Van Gogh Museum

Other sites for virtual field trips:

  • Pyramids
  • Taj Mahal
  • Great Wall of China
  • Buckingham Palace

Stargazing at Night

Summer usually means fewer clouds in the sky, so it may be the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about the universe and have them look for constellations.

If you have a telescope, your kids will be in awe of the vastness of space and the beauty of the stars. You can even count shooting stars with them as you explain (in simple terms) how our world was made.

Even if your kids are stuck at home in the summer, there’s no shortage of activities for them to enjoy. With a little creativity, you can come up with ingenious ways to make everyday fun and exciting.

  1. These are all great suggestions. I’ve never thought of backyard circus.There are even plenty for quarantine period. Thank you

  2. Thank you for this mommy K. There are lots of ways we can enjoy while staying indoor. I will do this also for my kiddos.

  3. I Agree mommy…i love every word you wrote here..i bet my kids will never feel bored when we do this.Thank you for sharing This ☺️

  4. Interesting tips mommy…ill include this to my bucket list and do this with my kids when they grow a bit older. ☺️

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