Health and Wellness Concerns in a Sedentary Lifestyle During Pandemic

Alert levels for Covid 19 has subsided in the past year as governments across the globe become better equipped in controlling outbreaks and vaccinating the population. With these developments economies are starting to open up again and people are becoming more mobile. But as the world moves toward pre-pandemic normalcy some people still have to deal with the aftereffects of a sedentary lifestyle brought about by the pandemic. The lockdowns, work or study from home arrangements, and limited mobility made it easy for people to become sedentary. A lifestyle that comes with negative effects on your health and wellness.

Covid 19 Pandemic and Sedentary Lifestyle

Aside from respiratory health, the covid 19 pandemic also posed a threat to health and general wellness. This is because of the restriction on both movement and social interactions. The imposed lockdowns and limitations in mobility led to the decrease of physical activity in the population. Thus leading most people to adopt a sedentary lifestyle which poses a number of health risks. This kind of lifestyle is generally described as one that engages in insufficient physical activity and involves a lot of sitting or lying down in their day to day activities.

Effects on Health and Wellness

Even people who are physically impaired are encouraged to do move their muscles and exercise regularly to take care of their health. This is because lack of physical activity or inactive lifestyle puts you at risk for weight gain or obesity and other chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, metabolic syndrome, cancer etc.

Overcoming the After Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Weight gain is a major concern for people who have lived a sedentary lifestyle. As such it is quite common for people to struggle with weight issues after the pandemic crisis. Recognizing this, some health advocates began actively promoting health and wellness tips to address a sedentary lifestyle. You’ll find work out videos that do not require any gym equipment so people can get physically fit without leaving the house. There are also various online tools that can help you with your fitness plan. For instance there are interactive health calculators for determining the amount of calories that you need to burn, checking your BMI, planning meals, etc. Everything you need to help you move out of a sedentary lifestyle and into a healthier way of life.

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