Celebrations: Christmas 2013

I may be super late in posting this but allow me to share with you how my family celebrated Christmas. As I have said in my New Year’s Resolutions blog entry, I am currently working at home on my own (a domesticated working mom for the past three weeks). My helper took a vacation and formally waved goodbye via text a week after. Oh, well! What can I do? So please forgive me for the lack of updates the past few weeks as I’m truly swamped with mommy duties, household chores and work.

Anyway, I’m happy to let you know that I managed and am still managing to run the home on my own without the help of a maid but with a little assistance from my husband. Thank you Lord for giving me a supportive husband! (feeling really blessed) He’s indeed a blessing! I love you babe! =)

Enough of the drama, let me share with you now how we celebrated the holidays…

Tous Les Jours
Tous les Jours’ Santa Chocolate Glaze Cake!

Hubby and I bought this cake from Tous les Jours in Eastwood City a day before Christmas. This belgian chocolate cake didn’t disappoint us. It’s so delectable. It’s not too sweet like other chocolate cakes. The taste is just right and perfect for my taste. It is layered with rich chocolate butter cream and topped with a layer of chocolate ganache. It looked so sosyal with the box and the free cake knife. I will definitely try their other cakes soon.

Noche Buena

Santa Town by Tita Weng
Santa Town

Noche Buena was spent in my grandma’s home in Antipolo with my side of the family. We have been doing this ever since I was a kid. Thank God that my husband and in-laws gave way and agreed to still let me be present in my family’s Christmas tradition. Admit it, where to celebrate the holidays is one of the issues of a married couple. =) If only we can divide ourselves so we can be with all sides of the family.

This is my Tita Weng’s Santa Town that greeted us upon entering Lola’s house. I already lost count how many miniature houses she has. Assembling this for the past 7-8 years (if I’m not mistaken), already made her gain the expertise in assembling, designing and even the installation of electricity for the lights.

Tita Weng's Santa Town
The manger up-close.
Keisha with Lola
Keisha with Lola
Being the first grand daughter, I always feel that I am my Lola's favorite.
Lola with her first granddaughter and her first great granddaughter.

Being the first granddaughter, I always feel that I am my Lola’s favorite. Apologies to my brothers and cousins, peace! Good thing, grandma doesn’t know how to use the computer nor a tablet so definitely she can’t protest! Haha! =) Allow me to make a little confession, my Christmas and  birthday will never be complete if I don’t see her that’s how attached I am to her. Oh, by the way, my Lola cooks the best Kare-Kare, Pininyahan and Everlasting. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take photos of of our food. I was completely overwhelmed catching up with my relatives and was too hungry to take pictures.

The highlights of our night: gift-giving and this charming little mermaid.
The highlights of our night: gift-giving and this charming little mermaid.

What can you say about my baby girl? She really begged my mom to make a violet mermaid costume for her. This little girl totally rocked our celebration leaving a big smile on our faces.

We made sure to leave Lola’s place right in time for us to attend Misa De Gallo. Before the mass, there was a skit presenting the birth of Jesus Christ. The little girl had too many questions of who’s this and that, why are their clothes like that and others. I tried to answer her in the simplest manner that she’ll absorb and perhaps grasp the essence of the role-playing.

Christmas Day

Since we were with my side of the family on Noche Buena, Christmas Day was spent with my in-laws. We had lunch and chit-chats before we proceeded to my cousin-in-law’s place (Ate Iris of PinayAds.com) where I ate almost all the sweets I was craving for – fruit salad, cake, blueberry cheesecake, etc. We  stayed there for a couple of hours before heading to  Eastwood Mall since the kids wanted to play. We originally planned to watch one of MMFF’s movies but decided not to since the movie house will surely be jam-packed.

Eastwood Mall TrainWe passed by this train and the little girls (Keisha and hubby’s cousin) wanted to ride.

Eastwood Mall CarouselAnd, this one too. Keisha started to ride this little carousel in Eastwood Mall ever since she learned how to sit. I’ll update this for the ticket prices which I failed to list down. I also checked the specific screws I need for a special project in an outlet nearby since these types of screws are rare to find.

Christmas in Eastwood MallHere’s Mr. and Mrs. Figuracion sitting on Santa’s chair while the kids excitedly rode the train. This was how we celebrated Christmas – simple yet so meaningful because of the presence of our family and the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

So, what about you guys, how did you spend the holidays?

Much Love,

Keisha’s Mom

  1. we also celebrate Christmas day with the whole family, but on its eve my husband likes it to always be a private family affair, only with me and our sons 🙂

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