Keisha’s Linggo/Buwan ng Wika Costumes

My daughter grew up wearing different costumes made by my mom. Yes, most of the gowns that she worn all these years were all designed and sewn by my mom. Keisha’s fairy, santa, anime costumes, as well as the gowns she worn during her birthdays and santacruzan were all made with love. However, there’s one occasion yearly that we settle for a ready-to-wear outfit.

Ever since Keisha entered the Lower School, she had been required to come to class wearing a Filipiniana costume in celebration of their Linggo ng Wika. Schools commemorate Linggo ng Wika every August. Hence students are asked to converse in tagalog, bring Filipino food in class and wear a Filipiniana for one school day.

And, just the other day, I was browsing my Facebook photos and saw her costumes for the past three years. I was delighted to see on how much she’d grown and how her choices evolved. Yes, she had the liberty in choosing her school Linggo ng Wika outfit.

So I thought it’s nice to share her photos here on the blog so moms with young girls will have an idea on the different costumes that their kids can wear comfortably to class plus I’ll be sharing where you can outsource these clothes.

Linggo/Buwan ng Wika Costumes for Girls:

Grade 1

This was her Grade 1 Filipiniana outfit. We bought this in SM Marikina for P600.00 (if I’m not mistaken, what I’m sure of is that this is less than P1,000.00 but more than P500.00). They have a Filipiniana section where you can buy these kinds of outfit – both for boys and girls. There were also native things like bags, slippers, earrings and souvenir items from provinces.

Grade 2

On her second grade, Keisha chose this ensemble. She wanted to come to class wearing pink with her hair tied in a bun. We got this at Sta. Lucia Mall Department Store. The price is almost the same as the one in SM Malls.

Grade 3

This time around, we managed to go to Marikina Market. I heard from my mom that they sell costumes for United Nations, Linggo ng Wika and gowns there. They even accept made-to-order designs should you wish to have one. The stalls are located at the second floor of the main building. It’s the establishment beside Kusina ni Kambal and the same building where Krung Thai is located. I was amazed with all the beautiful gowns and costumes that they sell. And, what surprised me most was their selling price. I got this costume for only P200.00. You can even haggle with the price. The fabric is nice and the stitches look durable. Now, I regret buying in malls for the past 2 years. Haha!

By the way, as per Keisha’s school advisory, they now required the kids to wear comfortable shoes and not slippers/bakya. Thank God!

Aside from SM, Sta. Lucia and Marikina Market, you can also buy affordable Filipiniana costumes in Quiapo, Divisoria, Baclaran, Landmark and if in case you don’t have time to visit these places, just go to the market near your place. I’m sure you can find gems in those areas too.

More than the price and the place where you buy your kid’s costume, what matters is that he/she is comfortable with what he/she will wear most especially if the outfit is to be worn in school.

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  1. Ang cute ni ate keisha ???
    Sayang late ko na nabasa to. Sakto pa naman nung august naghahanap ako ng costume. Pero atleast now alam ko na po

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