Choose the Perfect Wedding Veil

When you are planning a wedding, you will want to look beautiful by wearing your favorite wedding gown. In addition to a gorgeous dress, you will need accessories such as shoes and jewelry. There are also numerous wedding veil styles to choose from so that you can look wonderful on your special day.

Wedding Veils Can Cover Your Face

In the past, a wedding veil was designed for hiding the bride’s face until she married her groom, but today, this has changed. While you might have a veil that has a see-through section that goes over your face, it won’t hide your face from view. A veil might have only a thin piece of netting that rests on the top of your head, but there are also additional designs.

Different Color, Length and Layer Styles

There are different types of wedding veil lengths, including ballet, waltz or cathedral. There are also veils that have two tiers or veils that have one layer. Wedding veils are made in different colors of fabric to match the wedding dress, and you can also find an assortment of lace styles. Most wedding veils are white or off-white, but you can find wedding veils in other colors.

Choose a Wedding Veil That Works With Your Hairstyle

Some wedding veils are attached to small caps that rest on the top of the head, but other wedding veils are attached to headbands. You can also find wedding veils that are held in place by a plastic ring that is covered with real or plastic flowers. It is important to select a wedding veil that works with the hairstyle that you plan on wearing during your wedding.

Many Wedding Veils Have Embellishments

A wedding veil or its cap can also have embellishments such as rhinestones, ribbons or pearls. It is important to choose a wedding veil that doesn’t overpower your wedding dress. You can choose a wedding veil that the groom lifts over your head after the wedding vows are made, but there are also wedding veils that simply hang down your back.


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