5 Reasons to Watch Lost in Space from Netflix

Netflix recently launched a remake of the classic 60’s sci-fi TV series Lost in Space. The series revolves around the life of a family who crash landed in an unknown planet. The stranded family is trying to make their way back to their ship amidst all the challenges they face. Aside from the nostalgic appeal of a remade classic, the 2018 series has all the sci-fi elements in it. It’s got everything from wormholes, strange planets, aliens, alien robots, and the works. The question is why should you watch it? It’s plain and simple, Lost in Space has SCI-FI.

1.       Science Fiction Classic in its core. The beauty of having a remake (or reimagining as they call it) of a classic film or series is that it brings generations together. It reinforces the message that space science is timeless and universal. Now with NASA and other space agencies actively exploring the galaxies, it’s easy to relate real life to the events happening in the series. It gives us a glimpse of future possibilities in space and future technologies that may soon become a reality as well. Best of all, Lost in Space offers the thrill and adventure you want in a sci-fi show.

2.       Cool Characters. You’ve got a mom for a mission commander, an 18 year old mission doctor, and a criminal psychopath in the roster. There is also the adorable 11 year old Will Robinson who befriends an alien robot. This series has its own interesting mix of characters that add value to the show. And with familiar faces giving justice to these roles, you might even find yourself falling in love or hating a character or two in the show.

3.       Interesting Plot. The story of a family marooned in a strange planet brings a unique sense of adventure for people in different age groups. For one, charting unknown territories in already an adventure itself. Dealing with scheming crew members, criminal psychopath, and rogue alien robot is another thrill that one can look forward to in the 2018 Lost in Space series.

4.       Fun and Family-Friendly Series. Lost in Space is not just about thrills and adventure it also has some family drama in it. As such, parents and kids can easily relate to the show. The main characters of the series are the Robinson Family who are also faced with the same issues as modern families today. It deals with family dynamics in a survival situation and even universal issues like falling in love and betrayal.

5.       Impressive Visuals. Creating visuals for outer space, wormhole scenes and alien planets can be challenging but they pulled it off with flying colors. The visuals for the show were simply great that they even got an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Visual Effects this July 2018. Now that is definitely one reason to watch this Netflix series.

The first episode of Lost in Space was well-received that plans for the second season were already set in motion. Although there are mixed reviews for the series, one cannot miss the entertainment value that Lost in Space has to offer. Its Sci-Fi adventure mixed with drama and suspense for the whole family.


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