Soneva Spa Gets Me Relaxed Without Stressing My Budget

Stress is a part of life, in fact traffic in the metro alone is already a source of stress. If you want to care for your well-being then you should also include relaxing activities in your routine. Unfortunately, some relaxing treats can also be stressful on your budget. But this is not the case with my experience at Soneva Spa. I was invited to try their massage services and I’m glad I accepted because it was one of the best massages that I’ve experienced.

I went to the spa with my husband and the first thing that we noticed is the relaxing ambiance that greeted us upon entry. The soft music, low lighting, combined with a soothing scent at the reception area makes you feel relaxed already. You can also feel the professionalism of the staff at the Soneva Spa with the way they conduct themselves and maintain the quiet ambiance in the area. They were also very helpful in explaining the different treatments, products, and services offered in the Spa.

For our first try I opted for the Soneva Spa Traditional Hilot with Banana Leaves and Stone Massage for my legs. As for my husband, he went for the Stone Massage. After making our choice, we were led to the couple’s room. Should you wish, you may indulge in a steam shower before starting the massage treatment.  The Traditional Hilot with Banana Leaves is a 90-minute treatment that involves the placement of heated banana leaves on your back coupled with a full back massage. The warm banana leaves felt nice on my back and the massage really loosened the tight muscles on my back. It was so relaxing that can’t help but fall asleep during the treatment. However, I tried my best not to, since the therapist was so good.

In the case of the Stone Massage, hot smooth stones are placed on your back then these stones are used to massage your back. They use the same techniques as a Swedish massage for this treatment so if you are a fan of deep pressure massage then this is perfect for you. After the massage treatments, we were offered some refreshments. You get to choose between hot or iced versions of their ginger or green tea. Just perfect for capping off a very relaxing treatment.

Here’s a video of our experience:

Overall, we had a very nice time at the Soneva Spa. For me it has all the elements for relaxation. It’s not crowded, has a very pleasant ambiance, excellent service and amiable staff. Best of all, it’s very affordable! The Traditional Hilot is priced at P736.00 for 60 minutes and P887.00 for 90 minutes which is just a fraction of what you pay at Spa establishments that offer the same type of services. It’s not just you who’s stressed free, even your wallet is relaxed with the rates of this spa.

Hot Stone Massage Rates: (I highly recommend this service)
60 mins – P827
90 mins – P987

Address: Tomas Morato corner Limbaga St. Quezon City, 270 4th Floor, Forum Building, Metro Manila, Phililppines
Quezon City, Philippines

Tel. No.: 8926 6249

Facebook Page: SONEVA SPA

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