8 Best Budget Travel Tips

Traveling is one of the best things in life that I want to do. But when I became a mom, I have to consider my priorities, especially the budget. Traveling alone or making a travel budget for myself is far more different than making a travel budget for my husband, my daughter and myself. I have to make both ends meet. I need to get the cheapest travel deals available. When I say travel deals, these include airfare or bus fare, group package for tours, if applicable, and accommodation! Of course, I want to spend our family vacation in a comfortable place and indulge in the delectable dishes that the city/country we plan to visit offers.

8 Best Budget Travel TipsOver the years, I have been tasked to plan all our family vacations, both local and international trips. From airline ticket reservation, hotel room accommodation, daily itinerary, down to the smallest detail, I’m the one in-charge for all of that. Some may think that we lavishly spend on our travels, but truth to that, we are just wise travelers. We simply know how to maximize our travel fund and minimize our expenses.


Here are my tried-and-tested 8 best budget travel tips for moms who are planning their much-awaited family vacation:

  1. Plan your getaway during off season, if possible – this is where prices for airfare and hotel rooms are at its lowest. This tip has been tried and tested for years.
  2. Book your flight ahead of time – the closer the day of your flight, the more pricey it is
  3. Watch out for airfare deals during midnight – this is where cheap fares are up for grabs and you must be ready with your debit/credit card so as to secure your slot
  4. Book your hotel room in advance – you can choose from a wide variety of hotel accommodations online so you are sure to get the best deals!
  5. Compare prices of hotel rates and airline tickets – create an Excel file and list down the rates of your hotel choices as well as the airline, list also the inclusions and exclusions of the offers. Be a little smart in comparing the rates until you find the best deal that will suit your need and budget.
  6. Make a detailed itinerary – to make sure that you can maximize your time and visit the places you wish to see, a detailed itinerary on your cellphone or a small notebook will come in handy.
  7. Buy museum/amusement/theme park tickets on agencies or ask the hotel receptionist where you stay for discounted tickets – when buying tickets to theme parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios and others, you may get discounted ticket rates from a nearby travel agency or from the same hotel where you are staying. The ticket price they offer is cheaper than when you buy directly from the establishment itself.
  8. Pack-a-snack – bring your own refreshments and snacks. Prices of food like sandwiches, biscuits and even bottled water are quite expensive when you’re traveling. When you have a thing or two inside your bag, you can at least satisfy your hunger without spending too much.

Mom's 8 Best Budget Travel Tips

Two of the most crucial parts of planning a vacation are booking a flight and hotel accommodation. We all know that one of the expensive parts of making a budget for a vacation is the airfare, and being a wise mom, I have to find the cheapest flight deals that I can. There are several websites online that offer the best flight deals, or sometimes I go directly to plane company’s website; but one of the sites that I always visit to find the best deals is Traveloka.

In addition, as I have mentioned, who wants to spend their vacation uncomfortably, right? And as a wife and mother, I always want the best for my husband and daughter, but of course, at a practical price or without spending more than what is necessary. Good thing, Traveloka does not only offer the cheapest deals for air fare but likewise offers the best deals for cheapest but best place to stay during our vacation. When I want to book a hotel, this is where I search to make sure that I grab the best hotel deals.

Traveloka Philippines

Being a mom, who makes a budget for my family’s getaway vacation, means I have to be “vigilant” that I have to be always on a look out for the cheapest but best flight and hotel deals. You know, in life today, we have to be always practical.

How about you, moms? Would you like to share your own budget travel tips?

  1. We also travel on a budget and we share the same ways on how to save money. Like booking ahead of time and using Traveloka.

    Ang cute ng outfit ni Keisha sa Disneyland 🙂

  2. Ah these are really useful for a frugal and budget traveler like me haha.. I used to make that super detailed itinerary and also a strict budget list too haha
    thanks for sharing these tips, I will keep them all in mind

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